Saturday, June 30, 2012

The last few months at our house

Maya in her costume for her tap dance "Lollipop" She did a tap dance and a ballet number with Reagan

Natalie was in a school play called "Adventures of a Comic Book Artist" She was one of the evil dr. shock-clock's minutos

Lincoln's end of year music concert.  They had a LOT of songs and the kids had them all memorized.

Last day of Preschool, showing mom her work.  This preschool is run by a woman in my church and she is seriously amazing.

We got together with the Young's for Avery's baptism (in Madera) and then they came to our house to visit for a few days.

Natalie and I were in charge of timing and watching the race.

The girls had a private lesson on Wed. when no one else in the class showed up.  It was the very last time they will have a class together.  This class has been so so so much fun for me to watch.  Maya is always so excited to have Reagan be her partner and be a part of the class with her.  Reagan will most likely take the class in the fall but it's in the morning while Maya is in Kindergarten.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

 Lincoln was baptized last month.  We waited until Spring break because that was when my parents could make it out here.  We had the baptism with my parents and Kurt's parents here over Easter weekend. 
 Every year my mom does an Easter treasure hunt instead of having the Easter Bunny.  We have to get clues from a scripture and we have to also answer scripture questions.  Maya is on the rod of iron leading to the tree of life.

 We also celebrated my dad's birthday while they were here.  They loved checking out all the beaches in the area.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

There is a gum wall in downtown San Luis Obispo. It makes me gag when I look at it. Really sickening. But, still had to see it right?

My sister and mom came down from Utah to see me! Tami had to have some dental work done and figured it was better to make a trip out of it then just get it done there in Utah. I was so excited. We definitely had a blast. Can you tell that my kids love their grandma?

Natalie kept squinting at school and said she couldn't see. She got glasses last year but the prescription was really faint. We took her back in and it was more than double. Poor thing got my vision. She looks pretty cute in her new glasses though. And I will probably try to get her in contacts a lot sooner than 9th grade like me.

Before dance class the girls wanted to do my hair. It was very lovely

I recently made this little gallery for my family pictures. Here they are on the floor. I had a much more structured plan but I couldn't find my paper that had what order I wanted them in, and while I was looking Maya was playing around with the pictures and it looked like this when I came back---voila! I loved it. So here it is on the floor

and here it is on the wall...not a very good shot of it, actually. I really love it. Thank you Maya for messing it up!

Last Sunday we were in Ridgecrest (Our stomping grounds for a year before we moved here) visiting Kurt's sister and attending our nephew's homecoming from a mission in New Zealand. Every once in a while he would say mate. It was really good to be there for that.

Monday, January 2, 2012

We spent a couple of Kurt's days off at the beaches here.
Cayucos and Avila.

kids are crazy! But I prepared and had some extra clothes

Reagan wanted to talk on the phone so I gave it to her. Check
her out!

In Cambria there is a place you can see all the elephant seals.
This is a pup and it seemed to be posing for his photo.

This is Regs plugging her nose. I had to agree with her, not
the most pleasant smell surrounding the seals

If you have ever watched Yo Gabba Gabba you will recognize
Brobee. This was a gift from her older siblings and it was hard for
them to keep him hidden when we were all shopping. They kept trying to
find new spots to hide him in the car, or behind their backs and she would spot him and say, "hey, sneaky Brobee!" like she thought he was following us around the store. Christmas morning when
she opened up the box and found him she got so excited and said, "sneaky Brobee!!!" The kids loved it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Can I just say that this is 1/4 of the pies that were actually created and waiting in the fridge. It was heavenly indulgence. We had to shoo away the kids to actually cut into them.

There were 31 people there but it still felt very homey.

Maya is in a beginning dance class and she is really having fun.

Grandma's backyard

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our first month

our upstairs living area. You can see the loft above where the three kids decided to all sleep. We moved the bunk bed up there and are going to keep a mattress under the bottom bunk. I love that they all love being together and it works fine for now.

Our downstairs living and dining area. I don't think I got the rest of the house and I'm not sure why.

We are officially through with our first month here in Templeton/Atascadero. Kurt's practice is doing better than expected. There are a few minor things we are working through with one of the insurance companies. I am loving the weather here, the scenery, the schools. To be completely honest it's going to take more time to really like it since it's so new and it takes so long to get to know people. BUT I have started something that is building my character. I now wake up every MWF at 4:40 am to meet some girls for an hour long run. This area is really hilly and there are hardly any streetlights. We use headlamps to see. The other day we heard a large animal in the grass and my friend with the headlamp shined her light toward it like it was a light saber until it ran the other way. It was a deer-a very scary deer.

Kurt and Maya's birthdays were a huge highlight. We had a rainbow party for Maya at the park the Friday before her birthday. We had a pizza dinner,a rainbow pinata ,made fruit loop necklaces and I bought two big bags of skittles and separated them out to make a rainbow then everyone guessed on how many there were. The winner got the skittles. Kurt's parents and sister showed up to surprise him the evening of their actual birthday. Unfortunately we didn't buy our camera until after the Maya rainbow party. We do have pics of their b-day night though.