Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here is how you play:

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Some things you may or may not know about me:

1. My new found LOVE is rock climbing. I'm actually pretty good at it too. I love making it to the top and having the thrill of how high you are. Especially when the belayer (sp?) knows how to hold the rope so you don't feel held up. It really feels like it's just you. FUN!

2. Every time I make homemade bread there is a giant hole right in the center running through the whole loaf. It's weird. We eat it anyway, we just call it doughnut bread.

3. I schedule my life around my hair--. It takes a certain amount of time and patience to do after it's washed that I have to be really careful to make sure I have time to do it the day I wash it or I'll look like an over-grown chia pet. No I do not wash it every day! That would be a nightmare.

4. I love singing a tricky second soprano part.

5. I spend way too much time getting junk out of the cracks on my black table with an old library card. Usually when I'm on the phone or after the kids are in bed etc. It's so you don't see crumbs when the kitchen lights are on. I absolutely hate it when my kitchen table looks/is dirty.

6. I still like peanut butter sandwiches and eat them for lunch almost daily. Most of my love is the fact that it's just easier and lasts in my tummy for a long time. Lunch is done and over with. My kids go through phases. Although Natalie swears I make the best ones. She says dad's are gross compared to mine. Ha!

7. Sometimes I think I'm actually a grown up then other times I realize I'm still 7. Kurt took me to phantom of the Opera a few weeks ago. He surprised me with it partly because he knew if he told me I wouldn't sleep the night before because I'd be too excited. And the sad thing is he wasn't kidding because I wouldn't have. I get too excited about things. And some of those things are really small (like one time I could hardly sleep the night before a women's conference--day away with some girls in my ward.) Does that just mean I need to get out more?

So now I tag . . .

Really anyone who wants to do it . . .