Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baptism, Birthday, and Easter

My friends who came to support Natalie being baptised. So nice of them!

Right before the baptism

This is after it's over in front of the building

My parents made a really quick trip. My mom spoke on the Holy Ghost and played some prelude--good thing she was here. Mom and dad also are the ones who gave Natalie this dress for Christmas-so beautiful!

Spring break-with the Hunts

This is all in a little icecream shop in Langley, on Whidby Island. We stayed the night over there and enjoyed some fun with the Hunts. Christina and I tried to run 10 miles while we were together Sat. morning, but lets just say running in a downpour with winds up to 40 mph--Christina holding up her pants, they were so wet--we didn't quite make it to 10. We did run 6.5 though. Good thing Jason heard the rain when they quieted the kids for a prayer over breakfast and came to our rescue.

Lincoln, Jackson, and Ethan at Jump Planet to celebrate L birthday.

All of the pics I took of Reagan in the bounce house are blurry because she was having too much fun to stop and pose. She was really brave---I remember Maya doing this and crying because it freaked her out.

This is Natalie with her good friend Erin outside her school-- Right before they entered the second grade spelling bee.

Play group Easter hunt and cupcake decorating.

Maya's friend Austin and family came up for the weekend. They had fun together that day and then Sat. night during the P session of conference he came over. We had a house full of moms and kids that night for a potluck girls night--sooo fun!

This is a common sight for me lately. Reagan loves to crawl to my leg and hang on until I'm holding her. Who could resist those eyes...

I'm going to get her pics professionally since I feel like I just can't get a good one anymore-now that she is so mobile. Almost all the ones I get are slightly blurry. But here are a couple that show just how big she is getting. I can't believe she is eight months old.