Monday, November 2, 2009

I think Lincoln is a sweet brother. He picked out this crown for Maya and wanted it to be from him for her birthday. He wanted her to open it as soon as she was up and she wore it all day. I have a different picture with them just smiling but I loved this blurry one better because it shows how much they enjoy each other.

Maya has talked for weeks about sharing a cake with daddy

This was the trunk the kids and I decorated for the chuch trunk or treat. I was husbandless during this since Kurt was fishing in 75 degree Texas weather over the weekend.

We ended up carving pumpkins on Halloween and lit them up right before trick-or-treating. Kurt's brother Aaron was here and he made the spider and the ghost in the window with Lincoln and Natalie.

I love how it takes the muscles in her face and other hand to get all three fingers to stay up on ther right hand. She wore this outfit all day. Such a fun age! Thank you Aunt Carol for a birthday outfit, and her Halloween costume!

This is the annual dental school party. It's actually just a group of us friends from dental school. I guess this is the last year for it.

Uncle Aaron was a hit. Lincoln said he wished Uncle Aaron could come to our house every day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

blessing day

Natalie helped me get Reagan to smile and look up for the camera. Lately Natalie gets the biggest smiles.

Grandma Leavitt's blanket. It's a tradition to use it for the baby girl blessings.

Happy Blessing Day Reagan!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

two weeks ago

Maya and Alyssa wanted to be part of the pictures. It was pretty funny trying to keep Reagan asleep with four other noisy kids. Reagan didn't want to sleep so we got a bunch of her awake.

This one is my favorite

And this is my other favorite...I have a lot of favorites...THANKS KATI!

Friday, September 18, 2009

while mom's taking pictures . . .

Maya loves to wash her hands. They are always squeaky clean even if her face isn't

Here is my two year old using up all of my dish soap.

I'm about to get mad face

You can catch her smiling if you are quick. She's a lot more generous with them now though.

She still spends most of her time like this.

Friday, September 11, 2009

end of summer

Jason and Melissa (my brother and his wife) flew out to see us. They were so much fun! I was only half fun since Reagan was still so new. We took it easy but managed to see some fun sights.

Reagan in her carseat on our trip to see some friends in Whidby Island. That was our longest time in the car. She didn't seem to mind it. She slept for most of it.

Note Jason's hand---I guess I should just be glad that they are close...

Meadowdale beach

Melissa and I after our short hike down to the bottom of Snoqualmie falls

Hiking down.

First day of shool. Lincoln was so much more excited about riding the bus than anything else.

Here he is at Kindergarten orientation. (The day before the bus ride and real first day)

We went to the park the other night to let the kids ride bikes and I was playing with Reagan on the bench.

Before school officially started we took the kids over to an little mini island called Jetty island. They have a small ferry to take everyone over. Apparently it's really popular. They ferry ride adds that little bit of charm. We really liked it. It was really fun for the kids.

Here they are with some of their friends. Ausitn, Lincoln, Maya, and Jackson--and the one standing up in the back is another Jackson.

We managed to catch her smiling! Well, kindof smiling.
This is my most recent one of her. This is her at six weeks. She will be seven weeks on Tuesday. I actually did a fun little photo shoot with my friend Kati and her nice camera this morning so (don't worry mom) we'll have more pictures of her soon

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Thank you so much mom for coming and helping with everything! We all miss you so much!

If you look close that is grandma Leavitt checking in on Reagan. She wants to see her as often as she can. She's serving a mission in Brazil right now. We miss you grandma!

Reagan is about a week old here

Lincoln is loving his new 16 in bike.

These last two are from today. Three weeks old.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fourth of July

We watched fireworks with our friends the Fords.

Kurt made two batches of homemade icecream. One was the original Rollins favorite (my side of the family) The other, his creation of Oreo. It was soooo yummy!