Friday, April 24, 2009

visiting with family

The pictures below are in exact opposite order of events. I was trying for the other way around but it really doesn't matter. The end of March we went to Cali to visit Kurt's parents and sister Carol. We managed to get there in time to see Adele and Josh too. We were helping K parents get packed and ready for their mission to Brazil and also visiting them one more time before they left. It was fun to see so much family (K's other two sisters, Michele and Tamara live there by his parents so we saw them too.) We got home and a week later my parents and brother Aaron came up to Washington to spend Conference and Easter. It was my kids spring break and my dad's spring break. The weather cooperated pretty well considering the time of year. We ended up going on a ferry over to the Olympic Nat'l Forrest and hiking a gorgeous hike to a sort of pitiful waterfall. Since we were so close we decided--and i'm using the term "we" loosely--to go visit Forks. I was less inclined to spend any time sight seeing there but I was glad we went. La Push beach was so pretty! It was fun to create more memories with family the last two months.

At the Locks.

This is Lake Union. This is where sleepless in Seattle had Tom Hank's houseboat.
Doesn't Aaron looked thrilled about it?

This is called gas works park. It used to be a gas plant. Why is Kurt scaling it in his nice clothes? Well there were these other guys and they were doing it to impress their girlfriends. Only one could make it to the top. When they left I told him I wished he would show off to impress me like the old days. So he did. And I really was actually. It was pretty far up. Awww!

This is La Push beach. If you watch the movie--like we did when we got home that night--you can see this in the background. Please laugh at us because it is pretty funny! There was a Twilight Tour bus parked there when we pulled up. I couldn't make fun.

These kids were awesome on our hikes that week. I was especially impressed with Maya. She is tiny but she enjoys it so much she doesn't whine or have me carry her hardly at all.

Mom's watching conference. I think my kids like grandma.

This is right before we piled in to head home. We have already skyped them in Brazil. Maya kept saying she wanted to go to Grandma's house while we were talking with you over skype.

Carol and us on the hike. I couldn't believe how high we were and how much we could see. Thanks for having us Carol! I love hanging out with you and your family!

This face is just too cute! We miss you baby Beckett (maya says baby bucket but we all know she adores him so we let her.)

Taking Josh and Adele to the airport. I didn't realize how tight a fit it was for Josh until he kind-of fell out when we opened the door. Next time you can have the front seat Josh.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy birthday Lincoln

Lincoln got spoiled for his 5th birthday. He not only got a lot of fun gifts from friends and family he also got to have a friend party and then a family party. The great thing was that we were in Madera for the family party so he got to have grandma and grandpa Leavitt, Nelsons, and Lafferes. Thank you all for making it so much fun for him and us!

Sonic the hedgehog game from Uncle Aaron Tiek.

He loves green so I guess that's how I ended up with green frosting, green hat and a green frog painted on his face.

i LOVE this picture of L and grandma Leavitt. What a precious picture!