Friday, June 18, 2010

Dental School Graduation

My friend Allison made this cake for me. She makes amazing cakes and she just started learning how not that long ago. Talk about serious TALENT! She also watched Reagan for us so we could enjoy the grad ceremony and dinner afterward. Thank you so much Allison!

They read a script Kurt had written and put up pictures of him with the kids me and him etc. It made the ceremony more personal and fun I thought. I did feel like the picture of him and I was up there too long though.

Camry putting up with her little cousins. She and Libby were huge helps and fun to have up here for the visit.

Kurt's sister Tamara

This is Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. It is such beautiful little place to walk around. There were some English style gardens and I loved seeing all the flowers and the way they landscaped.
Here is Lincoln with Timothy they are about a year apart so they had a lot of fun together.

Kurt's brother Aaron's family. They stayed after the graduation for a week over on the San Juan Islands. We went over to visit them for one night. They had been on a whale watching tour and spotted the perfect place to see whales so we all went to that spot and I got to see a whole pod go by twice! The second time I saw one jump right out of the water right in front of where we were watching. It gave me goosebumps.

Kurt's siblings minus one. We missed you Adele.

Here is where we saw all the whales.

Right before Kurt left for the ceremony I took a picture with all of us since Reagan wasn't joining us for the day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

drum roll please...

We have officially signed a contract...we are moving to Ridgecrest California. I know, it's old news but I thought I'd post it on here in case anyone stumbled onto this blog that didn't know and would care to. I'm really very excited when I'm not sad about leaving all the great friends we've made here. I am planning to really start packing boxes tomorrow. The move is only two weeks away. I've been preoccupied with the festivities. Kurt graduated and all but one (Kurt's youngest sister Adele was induced two days after the graduation--we sooo missed you Adele and new baby Emory!) came up for the big event. I have some pictures, but as always, wish I had taken more. I loved having his siblings here. Thank you all for coming! I'll have to add pictures later when I've downloaded them onto my computer.