Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our first month

our upstairs living area. You can see the loft above where the three kids decided to all sleep. We moved the bunk bed up there and are going to keep a mattress under the bottom bunk. I love that they all love being together and it works fine for now.

Our downstairs living and dining area. I don't think I got the rest of the house and I'm not sure why.

We are officially through with our first month here in Templeton/Atascadero. Kurt's practice is doing better than expected. There are a few minor things we are working through with one of the insurance companies. I am loving the weather here, the scenery, the schools. To be completely honest it's going to take more time to really like it since it's so new and it takes so long to get to know people. BUT I have started something that is building my character. I now wake up every MWF at 4:40 am to meet some girls for an hour long run. This area is really hilly and there are hardly any streetlights. We use headlamps to see. The other day we heard a large animal in the grass and my friend with the headlamp shined her light toward it like it was a light saber until it ran the other way. It was a deer-a very scary deer.

Kurt and Maya's birthdays were a huge highlight. We had a rainbow party for Maya at the park the Friday before her birthday. We had a pizza dinner,a rainbow pinata ,made fruit loop necklaces and I bought two big bags of skittles and separated them out to make a rainbow then everyone guessed on how many there were. The winner got the skittles. Kurt's parents and sister showed up to surprise him the evening of their actual birthday. Unfortunately we didn't buy our camera until after the Maya rainbow party. We do have pics of their b-day night though.