Sunday, April 6, 2008


Here is a picture of Maya saying "me" and "cheese"

I guess Maya is really tiny. We took her to the doctor for her 18 month and she is off the charts. She still weighs 18lb and YES I do feed her! She is in her highchair a lot more now though. Part of the problem is she didn't like milk before. It's only been a month now that I can give her a sippy cup of milk and she'll drink it all. So I'm sure she'll catch up soon enough. The doctor didn't seem too worried.

It's been really fun to see Maya's personality lately. The other day we were in the van just leaving the store and I said, "Ok who's ready to go home and get some lunch!" and I hear this little, "meeee" and it's Maya raising her little hand in her carseat right behind me. She has always been really easy going but lately if Lincoln's doing something she doesn't like she yells, "stop" of course it sounds more like dop. She also says cheese and makes the funniest face when I point the camera at her. When I put her in bed at night she says, "bu-bye" and blows me kisses. when I put the kids in time out on the bottom step I will often find her over there trying to tickle them or just sitting there with them. She also does long division . . .

Easter without daddy

We managed to have a really nice Easter even with a very important member of the team gone. Kurt spent the week in Texas helping build a pergola for his brother. Kurt's dad was there too and took his boys bay fishing off the coast of Texas. He didn't catch the most but he did catch the biggest fish of the day. Meanwhile I was very lucky to have really sweet friends invite us over to enjoy ham and egg hunts with them. I have decided to take on my mother's treasure hunt complete with scripture questions and eggs with jelly beans. I It was a hit this year---the reason I can tell is they have been playing "treasure hunt" with each other everyday since. It was raining outside so I kept it to just inside our house but the kids loved it. Maya was following the other two as best she could. At one point of the hunt they had to sit and watch a clip I found on of Christ's life, death and resurrection. I then had some questions for them about the movie. It really brought the spirit of Easter to our day and I felt like it was such a success! Yeah!

Lincoln's Birthday

We had such a fun time celebrating Lincoln turning four. I can't believe he's that old already. Although when I look at him I am occasionally struck by how much taller he looks or how his face has lost some of the cheekyness and he looks older.
Lincoln is so much fun to do things for because he gets so excited over everything. When he saw the cake I made he said "Oh yes! It's just what I wanted!" We had a party with some of his friends at McDonalds. Then later we had a family party with just us. Natalie gave him her old bike with a big bow on it and a dinosaur. That morning he got a couple e-cards that he enjoyed a lot! He really likes watching the e-cards over and over again so I took some pictures of him laughing while he's watching them play.
We sure love him!