Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what we've been up to

Here is the spread for Natalie's late-over pajama, pizza party. She was so excited when she saw the table decorated like this.

Here is Reagan doing her downward dog yoga routine. This is about a month ago when she was just starting to crawl. Now she's pulling herself up on furniture and me. She's very advanced...I think I'm going to start her on Japanese next.

Lincoln joined her for some yoga

I haven't been so great at posting. I haven't been great at downloading pictures. I just downloaded these and it reminded me that I was sick twice in the last month. Maybe that is part of the reason I'm a bit behind. I also attribute it to the pace my life has recently taken. Somehow we've turned a corner on how fast time goes. Weeks fly by. I don't think it's crazier, as in more stressful, just fuller. Ok, sometimes very much crazier as in more stressful.

And for those of you who are wondering...no we don't know yet what Kurt is planning, we are planning, after he graduates June 5th. As soon as we have something concrete, I'll update that news on here. I WISH I knew.

Yesterday for FHE lesson Natalie took the kids upstairs, got her new scriptures out, and found three stories for her, Lincoln, and Maya to act out. My favorite was Moroni burying the plates. Lincoln was Moroni. He prayed over the scriptures, then buried them under our living room rug, and got up and walked away. At that point Maya jumped out from the corner with a foam sword and started whacking him over and over. He would fall down, then get up and walk to another spot in the room and she'd jump at him again until he was down again. They did this three times until Natalie said, "Ok guys, that's good, he's dead." Then turning to me, "Can you guess what it is mom?" I was laughing too hard to say anything for a full minute... Man, they are funny!