Sunday, May 31, 2009

book club pregos

It was quite a shock to learn that my two good friends from bookclub were due the same day as me. It's been fun to see each other once a month and compare bellies and share progress. They were good sports last wed and let me take a picture of all three of us. So here is my latest prego picutre. I put it up on the side but it's a little small so I thought I'd post it officially. 8 weeks to go!

sunshine in may!

It was hot enough to bust out the pool! It's been a gorgeous may and
the kids have enjoyed the sun almost as much as I have.

we drove to the temple last Sunday and enjoyed the gorgeous flowers there.
If you didn't know that is Wisteria above us in this picture--it smells amazing.

Kurt and I went sea kayaking yesterday for our weekend away trip. It was a little foggy just where we were kayaking. We're right by deception pass next to Anacortes (just past Whidby Island.)

Here is one of the views from the top of Mount Eerie. We had a picnic lunch up here.

Kurt and I got to spend a day in Leavenworth then a day exploring Anacortes, Mount Eerie area. I loved the houses around Anacortes. We swapped with some friends (thanks again hunts!) so we could have a mini vacation just the two of us. The kayaking was my favorite. No we didn't spot any whales. The guide said he gets to see them often but we weren't really near where they are right now.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!