Saturday, January 30, 2010

update on Leavitt Life

Life has been a little more busy around here lately. I planned a trip to Utah (just Reagan and I) the second week in December so it was just her and I for about 10 days...wonderful! Kurt drove the rest of the family down for Christmas at my mom and dad's. It was, as always, so fun to see all my family and Kurt's sister plus the bonus of getting to see my best friend growing up Laura, and our good friends Steve and Ginger. We haven't seen the Snyders in a few years and they were our surrogate family when we lived in Port Orchard. I love family and friends that are like family--it always feels like you just left off talking with them even if you haven't seen each other in a long time. After I got home it was back to catching the bus, nap times, PTA, YMCA, playdates, laundry, Primary chorister, and all the other things we mom's do...

Kurt's dental school schedule wasn't busy enough so he thought he'd tack on a bit more when he was called as bishop of our ward. That happened back at the end of October. He also decided to really get serious about exercise the beginning of the year, so he's been really busy. The nice thing for me is most of the time he works out in the morning--sometimes 5am--so it doesn't effect my life as much as the bishop hours do. Some days I can tell it's a lot on his shoulders but most days we both feel like life is really good. I know the Lord is lifting our burdens to feel light. And I'm glad we've made a habit of Friday being date night so I always know we'll have that time just for us.

So now we are facing Kurt's graduation. Which means we are looking everywhere for a job. Ideally we could find an associateship around here and he could work for a few years and then find a practice to buy, but we'll see. There aren't very many associate jobs in this economy so we're looking and praying and I'm sure we'll find something soon.

Oh yeah and right now I'm training for a half marathon and it's nuts! Running is hard! My half marathon is first of May so we'll see if I can do it.

So that is an update on Kurt and I...I'll have to update on my kids another time since this is already way too long for a blog update.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

some pics...

Steve with Cohen and the cape I made for him.

Cousin Nathan

Avery and Natalie made a tunnel through the snow

Grandma...Reagan misses you...

Natalie and Aubrey

Waiting to see what Santa brought