Monday, June 15, 2009

BMX racing

We took L to watch his good friend do some BMX racing on a pretty intense looking track. (I can't even imagine how intimidating it would look to a five year old.) We brought his bike and told him he could try it if he wanted to. After watching the kids for awhile we asked him if he wanted to try. He shook his head like, "no way you have got to be kidding me." Then when we were saying we should go he started breathing hard and said I want to try it! So Kurt walked him and his 12" wheel bike up to the gate. He did it! The third really steep hill he pumped his legs like crazy but couldn't make it to the top. Everyone was cheering for him because he had the tiniest bike out there. He cried when he didn't make it to the top but he finished. Kurt thought he would want to be done but he just pointed to the track and said again! He borrowed his friend's bike (16" wheels)and made it around without any help. He went over and over and we stayed until it was about to close. Natalie has always been envious of Lincoln's bike skills and I've had to remind her many times to be happy for him instead of pouting about not being able to keep up. She was just as excited for him as I was. She watched from the fence and cheered so hard. It was a sweet moment. I spend so much time trying to teach them. I am constantly correcting, instructing, reminding, time-outing. It was like manna to watch N cheer for him and get to see L do something I knew he wanted to try even though he was scared. He was so happy with himself afterward.

Friday, June 12, 2009

sweet and sassy

Maya is starting into a new phase. She is trying to see how much she can get away with. I've had to put her in time out a few times already this week. She's also so much fun right now. She's up for anything she sees her big brother and sister do. She's pretty coordinated at running and jumping but she doesn't see why she always has to be holding my hand. I took these pics right before we left for the YMCA the other morning. One thing you can count on with Maya is she is always up for an outing.