Sunday, March 18, 2012

There is a gum wall in downtown San Luis Obispo. It makes me gag when I look at it. Really sickening. But, still had to see it right?

My sister and mom came down from Utah to see me! Tami had to have some dental work done and figured it was better to make a trip out of it then just get it done there in Utah. I was so excited. We definitely had a blast. Can you tell that my kids love their grandma?

Natalie kept squinting at school and said she couldn't see. She got glasses last year but the prescription was really faint. We took her back in and it was more than double. Poor thing got my vision. She looks pretty cute in her new glasses though. And I will probably try to get her in contacts a lot sooner than 9th grade like me.

Before dance class the girls wanted to do my hair. It was very lovely

I recently made this little gallery for my family pictures. Here they are on the floor. I had a much more structured plan but I couldn't find my paper that had what order I wanted them in, and while I was looking Maya was playing around with the pictures and it looked like this when I came back---voila! I loved it. So here it is on the floor

and here it is on the wall...not a very good shot of it, actually. I really love it. Thank you Maya for messing it up!

Last Sunday we were in Ridgecrest (Our stomping grounds for a year before we moved here) visiting Kurt's sister and attending our nephew's homecoming from a mission in New Zealand. Every once in a while he would say mate. It was really good to be there for that.