Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big News!

I am officially announcing my wonderful news . . .I'm pregnant. Today is the first day of my second trimester and so I am 14 weeks.

Don't laugh at my picture. I know I look pretty silly but this is the official weekly picture spot so It will be fun to see the belly grow---well for someone like my mom anyway. I really feel like it's poking out a lot already but after looking at the picture have to admit it's not much.

Yes this was planned. We are both very excited---it was actually Kurt's idea to take a weekly picture with the same background. We've never done it before so I was surprised he wanted to. I think he's trying to somehow show me he's excited too. Thanks hon.

Have I been sick? Wow yes---then only slightly. I was really sick for four weeks or so and nothing worked that worked with my other pregnancies I just couldn't seem to get a grip on it. When I went in for my first midwife appt. she suggested zofran and I've been much much better since. It is a miracle med for me! I am never 100% comfortable with taking meds so I'll be happy when I can stop taking it. But for now---hooray!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick kids

As soon as he saw the camera he smiled. Poor kid has only eaten goldfish and juice since Saturday. He had 103 temp today.

Maya thought it was a great party.

Here they all are watching Maya's choice of movie because
they just didn't care much.

Poor Natalie. I was tempted to make her go to school even though she claimed to be sick this morning but decided she really might be. I took her temp an hour ago and it was 103! What's weird is each of my kids have something different. Natalie has a fever but no other sympoms. Lincoln has croup (he went to the dr. today and got meds--that is the scariest sounding coughing and wheezing I've ever heard!) and Maya just has a really nasty runny nose. I got some good pictures of them all watching Maisy. Maya thought we were having the greatest pajama party ever. She got juice and goldfish, pillow and blanket and movies all day. She was in heaven.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanksgiving---yes that's what I said, Thanksgiving

I know, pathetic. Don't read on if you are disgusted by be-lated blogging. I FINALLY downloaded all my Thanksgiving and Christmas pics. I was going to combine but I just had so much fun with my family over Thanksgiving I had to post. Steve Allison and their new baby Cohen flew up from Utah to spend Thanksgiving with us. Sooo much fun and very sweet of them. I hadn't seen Cohen yet and he is so adorable. You'll see . . .

Walking around the market in downtown Seattle. Yes the guy in the back is with us. That's my brother Steve and the beautiful blonde is my sister in law Allison. Aren't they cute?! Well wait till you see what their genes created!

We were blessed with family and good friends for our thanksgiving feast.
Here are the kids all playing the Wii. If you look close Maya has her dukes up.
They are playing a boxing game.

Ta Da! Isn't he sooooo adorable? My nephew Cohen. This is all the
way back at Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to play with him. He's waving at me. Ok not really.

Yummy potatoes! I couldn't have pulled off this dinner without Allison's help. THANKS for coming and THANKS for being my co thanksgiving dinner maker.

These are the silkys. Autie Allison made the one in Maya's left hand
when she was born and then replaced it with a nice new one when she came up.
Cohen has his in his lap. Maya is just so happy. She LOVES this blanket so she is in heaven with not just one but two.