Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Spelling Bee Champion!

Natalie came home from school with a list of words a while back. She wanted to be in the all Kindergarten spelling bee at her school. Well, she never wanted to study much until the week of the event - so every night last week we practiced with her until she didn't want to do it anymore. The night of the event arrived and we got there to see that she was the very first name on the list so she had to go first. She stepped up to the microphone and spelled her first word correctly "m-e". She didn't even seem very nervous even though there were about 200 people there. The second round she got "hug", then "milk", then "off", and then came the one that did her in - "away". By this time there were only three kids left so she had to have a spell-off for fourth place. She got the word "knot" as in I have a knot in my shoelace (pretty tricky for someone kindergarten). She stepped up to the microphone and confidently said "k-n-o-t". I think the crowd was a little surprised because people let out a little cheer when she got it right. The other boy got "want" and spelled it wrong so Natalie is the alternate for the district spelling bee (which will be in May while we're in Utah). We were so proud of her for being so brave and being able to get up and actually think in front of all those people. We're pretty sure she was the crowd favorite because she looked so cute up there - but we're biased so you can judge for yourself! Great job Natalie!


We were in the car yesterday going to UW campus to pick up Kurt driving through the U district where there are always a LOT of people everywhere. Lincoln is in the back seat pointing out whatever he sees.
Lincoln-"Look mom there's a bus"
Mom-"yep there's a bus"
Lincoln "Look mom there's someone riding a bike!"
Mom-"yeah, lots of people ride bikes around here."
Lincoln "Look mom there's a giant dinosaur and he's trying to eat all those people! They are running away very fast!"
mom-"oh really?"
Lincoln-"just kidding there isn't a dinasaur. But there is a lot of people."

Lincoln loves to have control of things. He gets a little weird when he feels like things are not working like he wants. One morning a while back he woke up sometime around 6:30 and came into my room. I told him to come get in bed with me. After a few seconds I started to doze back off but then hear this slapping sound. Lincoln is smacking himself in the face. I ask him why he's hitting himself and he says, "My eyes won't stay open!" I tell him that it's because he woke up too early and he needs to go back to sleep. He proceeds to slap his face and his head jams back and bangs me in the lip. So then I say, "Lincoln! You just hurt mommy! Please stop hitting yourself" He continues but now he is out of bed doing a sort-of break dance move only he's really smacking and kicking at himself.
Seriously? Completely absurd.

Ok my last Lincoln story--I am the Primary chorister so I am constantly saying, "Ok I am going to call on whoever is most reverent." So the other day Lincoln wanted to take a page of stickers to the daycare at the gym. He said he wanted to pass them out. After we checked in and right as he's walking through the gate he says loudly raising them up above his head, "I have stickers for whoever is good today." Then later that week we had homemade rolls--the kids favorite--and we were telling L he could only have another roll if he ate some of his other food first. He reached and grabbed one anyway. Dad started coming over to him so he quickly raised the roll up high and announced, "This is for whoever is the most reverent" Kurt had already grabbed it so he says, "Dad was the most reverent!" really quickly. He cracks us up.