Monday, November 2, 2009

I think Lincoln is a sweet brother. He picked out this crown for Maya and wanted it to be from him for her birthday. He wanted her to open it as soon as she was up and she wore it all day. I have a different picture with them just smiling but I loved this blurry one better because it shows how much they enjoy each other.

Maya has talked for weeks about sharing a cake with daddy

This was the trunk the kids and I decorated for the chuch trunk or treat. I was husbandless during this since Kurt was fishing in 75 degree Texas weather over the weekend.

We ended up carving pumpkins on Halloween and lit them up right before trick-or-treating. Kurt's brother Aaron was here and he made the spider and the ghost in the window with Lincoln and Natalie.

I love how it takes the muscles in her face and other hand to get all three fingers to stay up on ther right hand. She wore this outfit all day. Such a fun age! Thank you Aunt Carol for a birthday outfit, and her Halloween costume!

This is the annual dental school party. It's actually just a group of us friends from dental school. I guess this is the last year for it.

Uncle Aaron was a hit. Lincoln said he wished Uncle Aaron could come to our house every day.