Friday, July 17, 2009

Fourth of July

We watched fireworks with our friends the Fords.

Kurt made two batches of homemade icecream. One was the original Rollins favorite (my side of the family) The other, his creation of Oreo. It was soooo yummy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

mustache-80's party

I just found these sweet pictures of Kurt on my friend's blog. Her husband is the one next to Kurt with the D.A.R.E. shirt. We were invited to Kurt's friend's 30th birthday party. He said mustaches were mandatory and so here is Kurt' gross! He had been growing out his goatee (sp?)and I thought that was bad until he shaved it down to the molestache. (that's kurt's word by the way)

Yes, those jeans are peg-legged. We didn't know, or I should say, Kurt hadn't read through the email so we didn't know it was 80's theme so unfortunately for us we were not dressed in the correct era.

This is one of Kurt's clinical professors, and his wife. There were mostly dental students and spouses there.

I am so glad Raya took this picture of Kurt...It's too funny.
The whole birthday party was decorated with 80's games: light bright, mouse trap, etc. Posters; 16 candles, Top Gun etc. Toys: Rainbow bright, care bears, etc. and this is Kurt playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo. She got all the stuff from Goodwill Outlet (did you know there was such a thing?) It was pretty rad.

One of Maya's favorite friends is Austin. Here they are at the zoo. Austin is helping her get a drink. I didn't capture when she is actually drinking while he's holding the button. I missed that shot. It was cute.

Austin's mom emailed me this shot. This is another time when they were at the park. They get along really well. It's sweet. Sorry if the picture is too small.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

brand new babies

I love this arrangement. I wish I had these flowers growing in my garden so I could make this arrangement for all the new moms.

My brother and his wife just had their baby boy Nathan. My sister in law Michele had a baby girl Elizabeth. My two friends here in Seattle had their babies-girl and boy. I am always amazed that these babies come and do so well. I just love seeing how tiny they are. Their feet are so tiny! I just pulled out my baby stuff from the garage and am dusting it off. I picked out a little girl outfit and need to find a boy outfit to pack for the hospital. I've been re-reading my hypnobirthing book the last few months and am now reading for the first time, Ina Maye's Guide to Childbirth. The first part of the book is birth story after birth story. It makes me excited and anxious.--It's bringing it all back for me. I sometimes wonder why I chose to do this when life is so nice right now. Maya is practically potty trained, the kids are out of school and so far are really enjoying just being together. We have a good routine going . . .but then I hold my friend's little newborns (Wish I could hold my nephew and neice too!!!) I just cannot wait to meet my next little addition to the Leavitt family. I'm excited to have my baby during the sunniest part of the year. My one problem is figuring out a boy name....suggestions? Boy names are hard. I'm sure we'll think of something in time...