Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas is come and gone...and it felt like spring here today. It was 70! 70 in January! I took a blanket in the backyard and just enjoyed the sun while listening to a conference talk on my ipod. Kurt joined me and fell asleep after 2 seconds. About an hour and a half later Natalie comes running outside telling us that there is smoke coming from the oven. Kurt had failed to mention that he had just put the last batch of cookies in before he zonked off. There was no real damage done other than the house smelling terrible for the rest of the day. Good thing we could open all the windows! I am only mentioning this because normally it would have been me that left the cookies so it was nice to see it can happen to anyone.

So, well I guess a blog post isn't a good one without pictures so I'll put some random ones on here:

For Maya's preschool class we took a field trip to see the dentist.

Kurt got to coach both the kid's soccer teams. The weather was great all fall and we had a lot of fun watching all the games. This is one of Lincoln's many goals. You can't tell he made the goal but you can see the ref giving the goal signal.