Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maya's Preschool

Thanks to Kiana, one of the other moms in our preschool co-op, we have these really great shots of the kids. She is taking a photography class right now and asked if she could take the kids pictures. They turned out so cute. I love the first one with them all holding hands. Maya is especially good friends with the boy on the far right-JD, who is sadly moving this week. When I told her today she started crying because she knows full well what that means. What is it with her and boyfriends? They really are cute. Every time they see each other they run up to each other and hug--with a kiss on the cheek once in a while. The other day they were at McDonalds and after they hugged and kissed JD's mom said, "you don't want to do that Maya, boys have cooties" and Maya said, "No they don't" kissed his cheek again and said, "see?"