Monday, January 2, 2012

We spent a couple of Kurt's days off at the beaches here.
Cayucos and Avila.

kids are crazy! But I prepared and had some extra clothes

Reagan wanted to talk on the phone so I gave it to her. Check
her out!

In Cambria there is a place you can see all the elephant seals.
This is a pup and it seemed to be posing for his photo.

This is Regs plugging her nose. I had to agree with her, not
the most pleasant smell surrounding the seals

If you have ever watched Yo Gabba Gabba you will recognize
Brobee. This was a gift from her older siblings and it was hard for
them to keep him hidden when we were all shopping. They kept trying to
find new spots to hide him in the car, or behind their backs and she would spot him and say, "hey, sneaky Brobee!" like she thought he was following us around the store. Christmas morning when
she opened up the box and found him she got so excited and said, "sneaky Brobee!!!" The kids loved it.


Melissa Tiek said...

Reagan has gotten so big! She is so cute! And she definitely looks like she has some personality. :) I wonder at what age you decide that getting in freezing beach water is a bad idea... ;)

Adele said...

How cute!!! I so wish we lived closer!!! That Reagan is adorable!!