Saturday, June 30, 2012

The last few months at our house

Maya in her costume for her tap dance "Lollipop" She did a tap dance and a ballet number with Reagan

Natalie was in a school play called "Adventures of a Comic Book Artist" She was one of the evil dr. shock-clock's minutos

Lincoln's end of year music concert.  They had a LOT of songs and the kids had them all memorized.

Last day of Preschool, showing mom her work.  This preschool is run by a woman in my church and she is seriously amazing.

We got together with the Young's for Avery's baptism (in Madera) and then they came to our house to visit for a few days.

Natalie and I were in charge of timing and watching the race.

The girls had a private lesson on Wed. when no one else in the class showed up.  It was the very last time they will have a class together.  This class has been so so so much fun for me to watch.  Maya is always so excited to have Reagan be her partner and be a part of the class with her.  Reagan will most likely take the class in the fall but it's in the morning while Maya is in Kindergarten.

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Melissa Tiek said...

Love all the pics! The girls look adorable in their ballet outfits. And Lincoln fits right in with all those red heads. :)